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The Alberta prostate Registry and Biorepository collects samples over a 5 year period from patients who are undergoing a biopsy or have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. These samples are sent to the University of Alberta where the APCaRI team under Dr. John Lewis, looks for biomarkers in the samples to create a new detection method superior to the PSA.

By joining the study, your health as it relates to prostate problems, will be observed by researchers though active and passive methods. Your participation will help facilitate a better understanding of prostate cancers, how to predict serious and morbid prostate cancers before they happen and how to choose which from available treatments.




The MAST (Metformin Active Surveillance Trial) Study


Metformin can delay the time to progression in men with low-risk localized prostate cancer when compared to a placebo.

Eligible men are administered study medication daily and monitored for its effect over a 3 year period.

Quality of life questionnaires as well as blood and urine samples are collected at regular intervals and the patient is monitored closely for changes in their condition and over all health.